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Evergreen State Electrical Services launch in Everett & Bellevue

Jan 9 2019

Evergreen State Opens a New Electrical Services Division

We are now doing our own wiring for heat pumps and air conditioners internally instead of subcontracting to other electrical contractors. Plus, we are offering other residential electrical services to our customers.
HVAC service technicians on site in Bellevue, WA

Sep 2 2017

HVAC Service Technician Supply & Demand

The reality is that many HVAC companies send out every day technicians who are not very good at what they do. We invest heavily in training with manufacturers on the latest technology, we train all employees on customer relations and business in which to do their job, and supply our technicians with proper tooling and a good truck to do their job with.
HVAC companies that are competitive

Sep 1 2017

HVAC Companies That Understand The Competitive Edge ‘QCDF’

The reality is that you cannot be the highest Quality, fastest Delivery, lowest Cost and most Flexible (hence QCDF), and still be in business for very long.  Something has gotta give!  It is best to know exactly how your company rates on each of these four competitive components. 
are your heating and air prices competitive

Aug 30 2017

Market Based vs. Cost Based Pricing

Or “Are your Prices ‘Competitive’?” One of the questions we always get is about the ‘competitiveness’ of our pricing.  My standard response is ‘What do you mean by ‘competitive’? We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and stand-by and warrant all our installations and service calls.  We do not to take any short-cuts, to do the job right.
heating contractor comes to the eastside

Aug 28 2017

A 50-Year-Old Trusted Heating Contractor Comes to the Eastside

This is the first blog of a new heating company to the Eastside that is part of a highly respected heating company for the last half century based in Snohomish County. Evergreen Eastside Heat & AC is the new branch of Evergreen State Sheet Metal, Inc. with an office and shop located on 130th Avenue between Northup and Bel-Red in the new Bellevue Spring District corridor.